Weekly Programs & Special Events

Every Week the Cold Lake Seniors Centre provides accessibility to many fun programs for Seniors of all ages and fitness levels. 

POOL - Every Tuesday and Friday @ 11:30 am you can find a game of pool going on. We have 2 regular tables and one snooker ball table available.
FLOOR CURLING -  Every Thursday @ 1:00 PM we offer Floor Curling. Any level of experience is welcome. We also host periodic Bonspiels and participate in tournaments hosted in other regions. (Bonspiels currently on hold due to COVID-19)
BINGO - Every Tuesday @ 1:30 pm you can try your luck on our easy to use bingo cards. No dabbing required. Its a great opportunity to meet some new friends and a chance to win.

CARDS & CRIB -Fancy a game of Crib? Every Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM you can come play a round. We also have monthly crib tournaments which draw a large crowd. Snacks and refreshments are provided $5.00 entry fee for tournaments. 

ARTS & CRAFTS - Explore your creative side at this weekly program. Do you have a great craft idea to share? We are always looking to be inspired by new ideas. We also have periodic painting classes led by a local artist. Tuesdays 9:30 am

FITNESS CLASSES - Get a 45 minute work out tailored to the senior of any fitness level.  Thursdays 9:30 am.

JAMBOREE'S- The 1st Sunday of every month join us for live music, dancing, food and refreshments. Local musician are welcome to take the stage and share their musical talents. Everyone welcome all for $5.00. 

LINE DANCING - Learn all the most popular dance steps like the electric slide, cupid shuffle and others. Its a great way to get some added exercise. Tuesdays at 9:30 am.

SPECIAL EVENTS- Include our Fall BBQ, Annual Christmas Party, Karaoke, Seniors Week, and Bus Trips.